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Google Analytics setup and Training $99
Google Ad-Words Setup and Training – $199
Social Media Kick-start – $199 and up
Do-it-yourself Crash course – $499 and up
Small Business SEO Websites – $99\month
Monthly Competitive Words Top Page Campaigns: Starting at $500\month
Hourly Rate: $50\hr

SEO and Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the process of raising the visibility of your web presence using specialized marketing techniques. These techniques include Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as “SEO.” The Webmasters implement “white-hat” and Google-approved tactics for raising your site’s visibility in the search results of the major search engines. This means that we promote your website based on a set of keywords that users may enter into a Google or Bing search to find a product or service that you offer.

SEO Rankings – Top Page Google

Listing with All Major Search Engines

The Webmasters make sure that your business website is listed with all of the major search engines, including Google and Bing. We will also list your site with other applicable directories, as applicable.

Localized SEO

We provide localized SEO, which allows potential customers in your area to find your website. We index your site with services such as Google Places so that when a potential customer in your area searches for a service or product that you offer, your business website will appear high in the search results that are returned to them. This method increases the chance that your site will be found among the hundreds of thousands of sites indexed on the search engine.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is quickly becoming an essential part of marketing a brand on the Web. Social Media Marketing utilizes the popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, for marketing your brand. The Webmasters will work with you to develop a social media marketing strategy. We will configure your social media business accounts and train you or a member of your staff the basics of marketing your product or service using these social media platforms.

Check out the “Social Media Overview” resource for more information about using social media to promote your brand.

Web Analytics

The Webmasters will install a suite of tools that will help you obtain web analytics to measure your SEO and social media marketing results. We will train you or a member of your staff with regards to using and interpreting data collected with the analytic tools.

Email List Management

The Webmasters will assist you with the collection and management of your email list. Use your email contacts to promote your business through email blasts, newsletters and special promotions.

Contact The Webmasters today for more information about how we can help you build your business through Internet Marketing efforts.

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