Legacy IT Support

We don’t shy away from difficult problems, we have the expertise to solve them.

  • ASP Classic, Access, Excel,
  • MS SQL, IIS 6, IIS 7,
  • Windows 2000, NT 4, NT3.5 Windows 98\95, 3.11, Dos
  • Custom Software, Code and Bug Fix, New Forms
  • Database Support and Migration
  • Hardware Troubleshooting, Floppy Drive Systems, Old Computer Hardware
  • FoxPro, , Filemaker Pro, Basic, Pascal, Borland Compilers, Cold Fusion, VB6, assembly language, Power Shell, Vb Script, and more…


Our 3 principal engineers have a long track record in the IT industry. We developed and supported these technologies when they were cutting edge, and have kept our skill set  sharp. We make sure your mission critical systems are not left behind. When the time is right we can migrate your data and build an elegant, mobile friendly modern solution.

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ASP Classic Web Developers are available for emergency bug fix and support.