Pinterest for Business

First of all Pinterest now has a way you can change your Pinterest from a personal page to a business page! There’s not much of a difference but it gives you some helpful information since they added analytics that the personal pages didn’t have. To start using Pinterest for business I would convert your Pinterest from personal to business to get started in the right path.

You need to create boards that will represent your business. You need to pin things to your boards that reflect your business. You will want to share information o interest to your targeted audience and boards that about your business.

Be sure to follow your competitors or other related business’s. Some business’s tend to share content on Pinterest that they might not share elsewhere.

Post pictures that will get the most engagement for your business. For example, if you’re a Website Design business you might want to post pictures of the amazing different websites you have built. Great way to market your website. Directing your Pinterest followers to your direct website is the goal.

One of the things that a lot of business’s may forget that it’s a must when it comes to renaming your pictures before you post, anywhere. Use keywords and hyphens so search engines can recognize the image name. If you post the default name your picture wont be noticed for what it really is to a search engine. Renaming it makes it easier to find.

You will want to make a good impression by having a good business description. You only have 200 characters so make it a good one. Add a clear and relevant business description to take advantage of SEO on Pinterest.

Create a various of boards that you know may be popular but also relevant to your business. Keeping on top of the hot topics can help keep your Pinterest in the loop.

Pinterest may be a simple platform to use, but it’s also a different a creative way to market your company. Try a variety of different things to see what does and doesn’t work for your business.