What do Social Media Consultants do?

Social Media Consultants are the eyes, ears and voice of your company online. You need someone who who can raise brand awareness online. Depending on what you’re wanting a social media consultant for needs to be asked first. Do you need build sales? Handle customer service? Build a community around a cause? You need to find out exactly what your goals are to be able to hire the right social media consultant.

Social media consultant handle customer service thru social media platforms. This includes being able to provide answers and making the customers feel they have a personal connection with the person behind the screen. You want your customers to feel as if they are cared for and not like they are talking to a computer. Customer service is done properly by being fast and efficient.

They handle the sales online. They are someone who has experience in analytics and can quantify how they helped increase sales in the past. They will need to be able to really dig into your business to understand the concept of how your business works. That will help them be able to find out ways to convert potential customers through social channels.

They dedicated to expanding your brand online. They will be the one who seeks out new followers/ fans. Being able to engage with them as well. They will take care of all your post, tweets, or any other response that needs to be done through your social media outlets.

They are the cheerleaders of your brand online. We all know that being a business owner can take up most your time so Social Media Consultants can help! They can help free up the time that would of been spent online to run your business! They will be the ones who are online 3-5 hours a day trying to maintain and market your social media presence. They truly are a breath of fresh air for a business owner.